Signs you’re becoming an alcoholic


Sometimes the signs that point to addiction take time to show. Once, you realize you’re facing a real issue, you’re probably in deep. However, it is never too late to take the proper precautions to get back on track. All you need is a little discipline, and a little education on the harmful effects of alcohol abuse. Below is a short list of symptoms having to do with alcoholism. If you are living with more than a few of these, it might be time to take action and cut down your daily/weekly intake.  “Low risk” consumption is considered to be 10 drinks for women (no more than 2 drinks per sitting), and 15 drinks for men per week (no more than 3 drinks per sitting).

  1. Alcohol makes people’s inhibitions take the high road. So, if you’re a usually a demure kind of person, and you feel like the most daring person in the room once you’ve downed a couple, maybe you should start to evaluate your consumption.
  2. Your nighttime bathroom visits are increasing. This shouldn’t be happening period. The body naturally produces a hormone that makes the urine more concentrate so you can avoid nighttime visits to the loo, and bathroom visits are limited to close to none. Alcohol inhibits this hormone, thereby, increasing the amount of urine produced.
  3. Naturally, all those bathrooms visits are disturbing your sleep. However, if you just wake up naturally at night, this is a sign your regular consumption is affecting your sleep pattern, Insomnia might be becoming an issue.
  4. If you look forward to the end of a work day to get home to that cherished drink, hold up! You might be overindulging on your alcohol consumption and your relationship with liquor might have surpassed the limits of healthy.
  5. If you find yourself downing more drinks than usual without feeling the usual ensuing side effects, this means you are becoming more resistant to alcohol, making you more susceptible to liver diseases.
  6. If you can feel it in your gut that something isn’t right, you should start keeping count of your drinks.  People that drink beyond the acceptable recommendation will notice more bouts of diarrhea, stools that leave marks on your toilet, and darker urine throughout the day. These are tell-tell signs you need to control your intake.
  7. If you notice your memory slipping, and you are aware of your unhealthy relationship with alcohol, it might be a good time to re-evaluate your downtime habit.

Here’s the thing, like any addiction, you don’t realize you are building a highly dangerous co-dependence with alcohol before you’re in deep trouble. Alcohol is considered a drug, after all. It slows down vital functions that control our speech, movement, judgement, and response time. Taken in moderation it shouldn’t become a problem, the issue with this, is most flush moderation down the drain, once they have loosened up (usually 2-3 drinks in, which is an acceptable quantity). If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you should take a step back and re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol. If you deem it toxic or unhealthy, take the proper steps to correct the situation.

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