Keep calm and Yoga!

Since I know about the practice of yoga, I’ve heard countless people talk about how incredible it is for the mind, the body, and the soul. However, all the inhaling, exhaling and different poses never really appealed to me. Soon, after educating myself on the practice, I joined a near by center that offered both Bikram yoga (a.k.a. hot yoga), and the not so sweaty type. I can happily say I have learned most poses, and along with those I have reaped many of the benefits promoted. My favorite being, staying calm when you want to rip someone’s eyes out. Not only has yoga taught me to control my animal impulses, but I’m also processing my emotions differently. Negative emotions just seem to slip off, which is great for my inner peace and general well being.  Following is a list of the many benefits you’d enjoy if you’d give yoga a chance.


  1. Harmonious relationships all around. Because yoga keeps you cool, calm, and collected your interactions with others are happier and peaceful. Because meditation in yoga keeps the mind happy, people will want to bask in your positive aura.
  2. Focus is established and preserved. We have a natural tendency to be worry worms because we cannot stay focused in the present. Our thoughts are usually scattered between the past and the future. If you remain focused on the now, you’re stress levels wouldn’t shift. Yoga helps in realizing there’s nothing we can do about the past and nothing we can do about the future. Yoga helps us ride the wave smoothly.
  3. Enhanced intuition. The problem today is that most people have lost touch with themselves. The fast paced lifestyles we lead, leave us exhausted, and out of tune with our feelings. When meditating you get a little of this back. Your self trust is slowly restored every time you practice. Thus, you get your intuition back. When facing a problem, or have a quick decision to make, the way to go about the circumstance becomes clearer, faster.
  4. Improved energy levels. The daily hustle and bustle is bound to leave anyone restless. Taking the time to meditate and concentrate on your breathing, helps immensely when you’re feeling drained. Try it!
  5. Serenity now! Must I say more. When yoga becomes a part of your life, you have an emergency stress reliever at hand. When feeling overwhelmed, just controlling your breathing, and using mediation techniques, can ease the chaos inside before it spirals out of control. Yoga keeps stress at bay.
  6. Longer, leaner, stronger looking body. Who minds that? Not me! Yes, all those poses I cast the shadow of doubt on, actually make you feel, and look better. The stretch in each pose elongates your muscles, making you look more defined. Now that’s an added bonus to feeling great. Plus, your posture starts to improve which results in less aches and pains, and more happiness.
  7. Balanced metabolism. Like any form of exercise, yoga helps boost your metabolism. A well working metabolism is extremely important to remain healthy. A healthy gut is essential to feeling great. Plus, this aids in weight maintenance and reduction.

I have limited myself to these seven benefits, but there are so many more you need to discover. Yoga is an amazing stress reliever, and in this chaotic world we need to promote this practice. Since, stress kills and yoga trumps stress, you shan’t wait on it. Get a yoga mat, and youtube a simple yoga and meditation guide to start. The tools are all there for you, now rejoice in your inner peace! Namaste.


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