Hello: This is your higher self!




What is the higher self? Most people probably wonder what this higher self means exactly. Well, in essence, it is an evolved version of yourself, it’s a you that has been spiritually awoken. This awakening becomes imminent after there is a loss of connection between our person (or our soul) and the universe. The higher self then tries to bring us closer to our universe by communicating with us in different ways. Do you see things repeating themselves, or are changes occurring in your life you didn’t plan. Maybe, your higher self is just trying to tell you something. Change is evolution. Following is a list of signs your higher self is getting through to you.


1.You see 11:11 or other repetitive sequence of numbers. The higher self is at a different frequency than ours. Communicating through numbers is the higher self’s means to convey its wish to get you in tune with the universe, rather than speech.

2. The noise around you needs to be tamed. Taming the hustle and bustle that constantly surrounds us can only be attained through meditation. When you get an impending need for quiet and solitude, and you feel the need to meditate, it’s probably because you’re subconsciously craving a spiritual awakening.

3.You no longer see eye to eye with some people in your life. You begin to lose friends and that is a change that is welcomed and not feared. Because we’re not all at the same level of spirituality, we find ourselves in different paths at different times, and you’ll care only for those people that will help you in your path.

4.You are no longer fearful of the world around you. Because you have a better connection with yourself and the universe: you get to know your full potential. You no longer feel small. The world is for the taking, and you can do it without feeling afraid or apologetic.

5.You fall in love with life all over again. You’ll see your creative streak soar, and you’ll be more open to new ideas.

6.You’ll start dreaming more vividly. Because you’re more in tune with your higher self, your mind is expanded. This means you’ll have lucid dreams that will help you in your day to day life.

7.You cancel out negative thoughts. When you begin to evolve you will deprecate yourself far less. Basically, you will be much nicer to yourself, and you deserve this.

8.You value alone time. Solitude is a key agent in the your journey to aligning with your higher self.

9.Love and compassion become the rule. Once you let go of your ego, you set free all those fear-based emotions.

10.Your dreams become reality, just how you envisioned. There is no longer room for limiting beliefs: you accept you are the creator of your own reality.



If you’re experiencing many of these “symptoms”, chances are your higher self is trying to reach you. In essence, the higher self is the highest aspect of you that can be attained and held in the physical body. Therefore, any progress towards reconnecting to the universe and your true self, is a step forward to living in the best possible manner. Bliss can be attained if you just listen carefully.

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