10 Reason You’re Not Getting Your Summer Body

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Summer is fast approaching, which means, freak out sweat sessions in order to achieve your body’s peak fitness for some fun in the sun. We’ve all been there, it’s inevitable. Depending where you live and how cold it gets, truth is we tend to slack in the exercise department during those cold winter months. It happens year after year, and yet every January your LA Fitness or local gym is crowded with unfamiliar faces. The process is no mystery to most, you burn energy in order to burn fat, but there’s more to it, of course. If you’ve been investing your precious time doing cardio exercises and you’re still patiently waiting to see those sought after results, I’m providing you with a few reasons you’re not achieving your goal. Don’t despair! A few tweaks in your lifestyle are sure to put you where you want to be.

1. Get some kick a** gear

This one first tweak might seem a little odd, but trust me busting a sweat in gear that is comfortable, breathable, and eye catching will do wonders in achieving an excellent workout. Once exercise becomes a part of your life I promise you’ll look at sports apparel in a completely different light.

2. Buy the right shoes

Must I say more? You’d be surprised but I’ve seen people running the treadmill with their Vans, and though they’re cute AF, they do not offer the support you need. If you recognize yourself do yourself a favor and invest in a pair of shoes made for the type of sport or exercise you’re planning to tackle. All terrain sneakers are probably the safest bet, however, knowledgeable sales associates at your sporting goods store will be sure to point you in the right direction. Trust me when I tell you the right shoe will make all the difference.

3. Set realistic goals

Everyone wants to look good, but in order to get there you must set realistic goals. Losing 20 pounds in two weeks sounds great, but it’s close to impossible, and if it’s doable it’s probably very unhealthy. Take time to right down everything you want to achieve, and set achievable deadlines. If you wish to lose 20 lbs, give your body time to do it healthily. Four pounds a month is more realistic, and also more achievable, and trust me, by doing it slowly you’ll be able to better manage your weight fluctuations.

4.  Build a daily exercise routine 

Once you’ve established your goals, find ways to achieve these. There are countless workouts you can chose from. Go for a jog, anything is better than just resigning yourself to a couch. Plus, like they say, no one has ever regretted a workout. Keep it varied too, this will keep you from becoming bored, which could eventually lead you to give up, plus, you won’t plateau.

5. Don’t skimp on the weights

I can honestly say that until recently I was one of those saying “I can’t do weights, until I lose weight”. Please! I cannot believe I spent so many years of my life being so naive. But, I have forgiven myself. Mixing it up between cardiovascular and strength training workouts will help you get the body you wish to achieve. As you lose weight, you will tone up, which means no sag, anywhere. It’s a win, win.

6. Don’t obsess over numbers

After carefully crafting your plan of action, you must remember that pairing cardiovascular workouts with strength training is going to help you reduce body fat. So don’t be staggered when you realize you’ve barely lost two pounds. Instead, take your measurements at the beginning of your journey, then follow-up as you would with weigh-ins. Muscle weighs more than fat, don’t ever forget that!

7.  Do not talk down to yourself

This should apply to everything, everyday. Never forget Buddha’s words of wisdom “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” When thinking or speaking to yourself, always be kind. We tend to be harsh on ourselves for distinct reasons, and most times we prevent ourselves from reaching our goals, because we become our own worse enemies. Think positive thoughts, and speak kindly to yourself. The positive energy will do wonders.

8. Go to bed and rise early

Staying up late with friends, or on your phone is quite tempting, but you need to be disciplined and give your body the time it needs to rest and recuperate. Treat your body with respect and it will grant you all that you need to be healthy and happy. As for rising early, “the early bird gets the worm” they say, but there’s much more to it. When you wake up early your day extends, and you have more time to accomplish more things. It just adds hours to your day!

9. Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism, which in turn gets your bowels moving. Yes, i said it, you need to go, it is detrimental to your health. A healthy gut is key to a healthy body. Start your day with nutritious foods, that will keep you going and you’ll be reaping the fruits of your labor before you know it. Make sure all your day’s meals are balanced and nutritious.

10. Learn to love H2O

Just do it, drink the water! Make it a point to finish 2 liters of water before you finish a day’s work. It’s not as hard as it seems. It replenishes your body, and keeps you hydrated which will reflect on your skin and general appearance. H2O helps clean the body of toxins, so love it, drink it, absorb it. Plus, did you know most people confuse hunger with thirst, which is why those that do not consume enough water munch.

In essence, what’s detrimental to being a success story is to keep moving forward. Keep your eyes on the prize and remember every workout, and every piece of junk food you turn down gets you closer to your goal.

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