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Looking to stay active, so I could boost my immune system to fight the incessant cold attacks on my body, during the brutal winter months, I started educating myself about kickboxing. I had never really given this exercise a chance because I quit soccer the day a ball flew at my face. Getting pushed, kicked or punched didn’t seem like a good fit for me. That changed the day it was presented to me as a challenge. Always being up for a challenge, and having a serious personal issue with defeat I accepted the feat. I also promised myself that I would stick to this, until I considered this one slayed. A day later I signed up to a small gym close to home, and my kickboxing romance began.

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Six months have passed since my first class, and I must admit I am still learning about the sport. Arm, leg coordination is something my coach still scolds me about, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely. However, taking part in this challenge is something I am so happy about. The workout is beyond rewarding, the benefits are so many I don’t ever want to stop. People ask me what I’m doing, and how much weight I’ve lost. To their surprise and to my own shock the pounds are not really shedding, my muscle tone and strength, on the other hand, are undeniably enhanced. Clothes fit better, my focus is improved and the benefits just keep piling up. Because I try to help everyone on a quest to self-improvement, just as others have done for me, I have listed several benefits you’ll reap from kickboxing.

  1. Probably the benefit I love the most, is the boost in energy levels. I, who felt tired even after an eight-hour sleep session, started my days ready to take on anything.
  2. The advantage of improved energy levels, is the good mood that naturally ensued. I felt it, and believe me, everyone in my household and at work did as well.
  3. I believe part of the reason I was in such a great mood was my diminished stress levels. This kind of workout is incredibly efficient in increasing the release of endorphin, which is the body’s natural happy hormone.
  4. Another plus, learned self-defense tactics that could prove beneficial if need be. Like I said, I still have lots to learn, but if ever the occasion arises and I need to defend myself I’ll at least have better coordination to slip or duck an incoming punch. Though, I’m still working on my jab, hook, and uppercut, they’re much meaner than they were six months back.
  5. As stated above, improved coordination, is a plus for those swift, but powerful movements. You also achieve better stability.
  6. My confidence levels surged.
  7. And, how could my confidence not get a boost when my entire body shows just how hard I’ve been working. I see muscle definition and have an overall toned body, even if my weight hasn’t dropped significantly.
  8. I’ve earned a more positive state of mind. Anxiety is at an all time low.
  9. Last, but not least, the best result I’ve gotten from kickboxing is how much better I feel in my clothes and generally.


Today, I am so grateful to my friend who brought me to experience something I would’ve never considered, and the fact that I look forward to every workout is a definite plus. To anyone looking for a different type of workout, I highly recommend you look through your local listings for the nearest class to you. You won’t regret it! An added value is the upbeat dynamic at the fitness center. Seeing everyone engaged and focused is definitely a game changer that keeps you going.

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