Shaming, stigmas, and other shenanigans…


It’s really come to my attention more and more, how incredibly behind society still is. You would think that in this day and age, we’d all taken a chill pill already. With calamities going around to spare, shouldn’t we have come to a consensus that we are all in this together, suspending in the infinite universe, with “nowhere” to go. This should be enough to trigger a brotherhood boundless, where neither color nor creed was a condition to offer a helping hand. It seems that with so much access to information worldwide we would’ve already gotten over our differences. Let’s be honest, this accepting business is still a struggle for most, when a general sense of respect for all, no matter people’s creed or culture should be an intuition. Humans as we know them have been evolving for over 200,000 years, time to get a grip! So, I came up with a few simple steps we can all take to significantly change this globalized human estrangement.

This is one is really simple. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that appreciates being scrutinized or judged, but inevitably this happens time and time again. It seems no one can save themselves from this epidemic that only divides us more everyday. I’ve specially noticed this among mothers pointing and comparing themselves to others, from the likes of Kim Kardashian, to that mom who disheveled and tired brings her kids to and from school, to that other mom who every other mom hates because she takes care of her body. The point here is judging is easy when you don’t know what the other person goes through day in, day out. Women specially have this fault. This is really a shame because we should be empowering each other instead of beating each other down with unkind words. To each their own, but respecting each other should be the rule, not the exception. Plus, there is nothing less attractive than a hater, because hate only rises out of envy or lack of self-confidence.


Stereotypes are bouncing around  like pollen these days. People discriminating others for their religious beliefs, orientation or skin color. It’s all too archaic to even fathom the thought that this still goes on. People of different creeds have committed horrible acts of violence fueled by hate and wrong interpretations of their religious literature. Moreover, those committing barbaric acts are often led by leaders or charismatic heads that manipulate the impressionable for personal gain, so pointing the finger and arguing about which religion is the right religion is completely pointless.  We should abide by one rule: love. No one is in any position to judge anyone, because we are all faulty to an extent. I sometimes ponder the thought of all us just trying to be nice to each other, respecting each other as humans, and what a wonderful world this would be if we all just agreed to get along. Today, the possibility of this heavenly dream seems ever so elusive. However, it is not impossible. Nothing is.

It’s gut wrenching to think that there are people out there with billions of dollars, yet children, women, and men still die of starvation. Starvation! Families shatter when disease strikes and treatment only seems to devastate the stricken further, all for the sake of the almighty dollar. War is declared in the interest of power and control. None of these calamities should be happening anymore, anywhere, specially when there is enough for everyone. Will we ever have enough? Will we ever stand together? When are we going to stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities unfolding?  “Divide and conquer” has been the motto that’s worked best for greedy front runners, and yet we keep falling for it. Maybe the first step towards Utopia is the cultivation of empathy in our young, so we can hope for a better future.


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