The Secret to Losing Weight While Becoming Rich

November 2016, I was hitting an all time low.


I was single, disoriented, broke, and unhappy. Not only was I going through a tough breakup, and constantly struggling to pay my bills on time, but I also hated my reflection in the mirror. After spending five years in a toxic relationship, the misery took a toll on me. I didn’t workout, I wouldn’t eat healthy, and the numbers on the scale sadly kept going up. I felt hopeless, however, I was just about to change my life for the better – I just didn’t know it yet.


It all started when I took a chance and ordered a box of Valentus SlimRoast coffee for weight loss. In less than two weeks, I had lost 7 pounds, without even changing any of my life’s bad habits! Not only was I losing weight drinking a coffee that tastes amazing, but I also saw improvement in my moods throughout the day, I had less late night cravings. Plus, I was more focused at work – all that with only one cup of coffee in the morning!

Those 7 pounds less made all the difference, because it motivated me to take charge of my life and be happy with myself! The only problem is that there is a cost to healthy living… The gym membership is pricey, and so is eating healthier food. Luckily for me, I remembered that while ordering my coffee, I had the chance of taking a free tour of the income opportunity offered by the company Valentus, so I did… and it blew my mind away! I could make a full income working from home, promoting a product I already promoted to all my friends for free! Not only was I being paid for it, but I also had the option to build my own representatives team and maximize my income while changing the lives of the people I love and care about!


On my first month with Valentus, I made almost 5000$, while having full support from the Valentus family. I made new friends, and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It was only the beginning, because with dedication and motivation, I instantly hit the 5 figures a month range. I never thought I would ever attain such a high income, and I know that it’s only the beginning for me! I even quit my job so I can dedicate all of my time to building my empire! Being your own boss is the best feeling in the world, trust me!

I can’t even explain how good financial freedom is, and how it is rewarding to love myself and my body! I am in the best shape of my entire life, I feel younger, and every morning is a new opportunity to build more – all of this is incredibly gratifying! My only regrets when it comes to Valentus, is not to have started earlier! Dreams really do come true when you put your mind to it! See for yourself.


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