Diabetes changed my life for the best

As I patiently waited for my doctor to talk about my follow-up blood work, a million different thoughts about cancer, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, MS, and countless other diseases raised through my mind. I felt my anxiety soar, when finally, he peaked his shiny bald head through the crack of his office door, clearing the air with his usual sunny disposition. Talkative and friendly as customary he started asking about my day and how I felt. Suddenly, an onset of seriousness cleared the lightheartedness of the conversation. My anxiety poured through the pores of my hands and underarms, my face flushed ever so slowly. He then announced it, you have DIABETES! I felt dizzy with confusion. I wasn’t armed with any real knowledge about diabetes, and felt like I had been shot with a doze of oblivion. Once, my doctor snapped me out of it, he went on to explain that diabetes was a very manageable disease and handed me a pamphlet with some “basic” information. Really?! My diabetes comes with a pamphlet! Look at us, we’ll be together for awhile so might as well embrace it, get to know it better. Yes, I felt scared and all I wanted was a drink, so I decided to educate myself. I always look for natural ways to improve my health or cure minor ailments. So, thinking about insulin and pills to control my diabetes wasn’t a good option for me. I knew I’d have to make some tweaks in my lifestyle. And, just like that, my journey with diabetes began.


There are many ways in which diabetes can affect your life, but to understand these, I found you need to comprehend the biology of the disease. If you suffer from diabetes or have recently been diagnosed, you need to know what diabetes is, and which organs play a role in its fruition. The reason your system is wreaking havoc and ultimately altering your lifestyle has to do with the latter or your family history. So, you’re either you’re doing something wrong or you were set up. I was lucky when I received an amazingly complete book about the subject, going through it was painless and insanely informative. I was now a diabetic and I needed to know as much as possible about the disease to optimize the quality of my life. In my research, I discovered most things I “knew” about diabetes were only misconceptions. Big Diabetes Lie and Advance Health System offered me the tools to lead a normal life, despite being a diabetic. I learned how to eat and how to overcome some of the symptoms. Taking the reigns of my situation was the most liberating step I’ve ever taken. So, to you my fellow diabetics, do not despair! Your life is not over. Get educated on your condition and you’ll see the possibilities. The Big Diabetes Lie and Advance Health System helped me greatly. I thought my life was forever altered and this book changed my perspective and my life for the better. I’ve never felt healthier.

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