How listening completely crumbled me

I have never been a follower, in fact, I have always taken pride in the way I’ve always stuck to my guns, not allowing exterior influence affect my way of life or my train of thought.  This had always worked for me and I didn’t think I needed to make any changes. Well, the time to give evolution a chance presented itself to me in the unlikeliest of ways.

On a regular day, while walking my dog I came across an old friend from elementary school. She had since had four children, two of which were under the age of 4. Last I’d seen her, she reflected all the changes a woman’s body goes through after child bearing. She was obviously lacking exercise, her look was dimmed by endless nights without the adequate amount of sleep, and her energy levels had plummeted to an all time low. As insanely narcissistic as what I’m about to say might seem, I was happy to be me. I couldn’t imagine feeling so terribly demotivated, and exhausted. We ended our exchange, wishing each other well, as she unhurriedly made her way home. I couldn’t help but think, how time and circumstances can drastically change one’s physique and demeanor. She had been the popular kid, the one everyone wanted to be friends with. After that encounter it seemed life had caught up with her.

I never expected our next meeting to be so enlightening. When we met again barely a year later, I saw my friend looking surprisingly radiant, she had slendered, and was looking amazing! I couldn’t help myself and asked, she told me she followed the Caveman diet, “the Paleo diet”. She explained the Paleo diet consisted of eating only fresh produce, along with protein, fruits and vegetables. Basically, she got her energy from healthy fats, selected carbs, and protein. Anything prepackaged was out of the equation. I liked this idea, it was a smart concept and losing weight surely wouldn’t hurt.

After following the Paleo Diet for a few months, it just became a habit and it felt natural. The idea was simple enough to follow that I didn’t feel the need to say I was on a diet, this had become my lifestyle, and boy did I enjoy the changes in me. I felt healthier, livelier, lighter, and people were beginning to notice.  My body has changed effectively with the Paleo lifestyle and a moderate exercise regime, and my skin glows naturally. I highly recommend this diet to anyone looking to improve overall health. My energy levels have increased, and I feel unstoppable. Best of all, I am happy!  I also learned that sometimes listening can be a life changer that breaks up the old you to give way to a better you. Thank you buddy for letting me in on this!

If you need anymore convincing, I have listed some benefits of Paleo living:

Healthier looking hair
Reduced mental fog
Improved mood
Diminished symptoms of depression or anxiety
Decreased bloating
Sustained weight loss
Muscle growth
Lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes or cancers
Improved immune system

General feeling of well being
Improved glucose levels
Healthier gut flora
Better absorption of nutrients from food
Reduced allergies

Click here for some easy Paleo dishes:

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