Steps To a Better You

We’ve all heard the saying “beauty comes from within”. It’s a rather optimistic view point for those not struggling with self-awareness or self-image issues. Being constantly influenced by society’s stereotypical definitions of what man or woman ought to be, we become molded into someone we don’t even identify with. In the endless journey to becoming a better person, you must first recognize the qualities that make you the magnificent individual you are.  Naturally, this ensues with accepting and respecting that person, regardless of the possible berating from the external world. This step, one of utmost importance, naturally forces you to start regarding yourself with more love and respect, which will single-handedly put you at ease with the exterior world. So, there you have it, you have freed yourself from the torment of self-judgement and by doing so you have created balance. What a joyous, and fulfilling outcome where everything comes full circle and you feel free at last! But, there’s a lot more to it, of course.


So you have come to a standstill and you have realized something has to change. That little voice inside you tells you change is of the essence. But how do you change? Where do you start? Why is this transformation so imminent? Why now? All this questioning probably left you tired and thinking of just sticking to what you know. Yet, no one ever said this would be a bump less road. In the contrary, walls will surface like a force trying to keep you for the ultimate goal: self-love. Self-love without the deprecation of other beings around you, clearly. So where do you start? Introspection begins when you start looking for answers about yourself. Who am I? What are the events that made me the way I am? Which parts of me should I focus on improving? What are my qualities? What are my faults? The answers will not come via text message; this is something that can take some time. What’s important is that you have already planted the seed of change. But patience is a virtue you will have to cultivate. Once you have received some of these answers you will be propelled into an evolutionary journey you will be happy to have embarked on. See when you recognize your qualities, it will get easier to put them out there for all to see and appreciate. After all, there is only one of each of us, reason why we are all so unique and important. Giving people the best of us, not only benefits those around us, it also benefits you. You will realize that giving ends up being more rewarding than receiving. The will to give must come from within without leaving you feeling stripped, used or abused. You should also work on your faults, are you impatient, selfish or just not yourself with others? Question yourself about your faults, and once you have recognized them work towards improving these. Soul Searching for a Healthy Life is a book I highly recommend to anyone embarking on this journey. Which brings us to our next step, which is acceptance.


Here you are, you now know things about yourself you didn’t before. You feel like you’re on the right track, but bump into someone who does not seem to understand your journey. You explain it to them, and they do not seem to comprehend. Undeniably, this is more than a little frustrating. But why? This is your journey, not theirs. So long as you remain respectful of others and their ways, never feel as if you have to convince anyone this is the way to be, or the road to take. After all, we all take different paths in life. The only good way to be is truthful. Which leads us to society and how it has created this ideal way to be for women and men, by seducing them to focus mainly on superficial things. These are the reasons there is so much sadness and egotism in the world. Sure it is nice to like nice things who doesn’t? But this should never be a person’ s reason to fight the fight everyday. It’s a short term fix to often deep rooted problems. Once you accept the person you are flaws and all and make a compromise to make the tweaks needed to be the best person possible, things all around become more beautiful. And you’ll readily give up all this holding you back from becoming the best version of you possible. You should be your own happy place.


Once you accept how important it is to be good with yourself, and how this allows you to appreciate the beauty all around you, it’s hard to believe you were once so absorbed by mundane worries. I am not saying being fit and healthy, for example, is not important. Fitness has a lot to do with being well in your skin. You know endorphins can work miracles on your quest to a better you. A brisk walk a few times a week doesn’t only increase your heart rate, but it also makes you a little happier, and why not prouder. Invest time in a hobby or activity you never thought you would sign up to. By challenging yourself you will discover strengths you did not know you possessed. A challenge could also be refraining from criticizing yourself or those around you. You see these seemingly innocent habits end up leaving their weight on your, thus wearing you down when you’re trying to move forward. Let go of judgement, be accepting, and love will become the ruling emotion in your life. And what a feeling that is. Complete freedom, and absolute bliss.

What we often forget, is that our actions and emotions are not our own. We coexist on this planet and by some unexplained force we are all connected. The world seems to be thirsting for more love, and we are selfishly denying it. But the change needed must come from within each and everyone of us. Respectfully allowing others space to evolve, and staying close enough to help when required. So for those wondering what their purpose is or if there is a purpose at all to this life, the answer is yes. You were not just randomly placed here. Take action. Start with yourself.

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