How I lost 30lbs in just 10 weeks!

So, you’re looking to lose weight but don’t know just quite how to get started. When embarking the weight loss journey, it almost seems like you’ll stay stuck on that first decisional phase. The first step is acknowledging and accepting weight loss is vital, but where do you go from there? Do you magically know what to do the moment you hit the gym? Will all the garbage food in your pantry disappear? No! You must take initiative and you must make smart choices that will lead you to successful weight loss. No one is going to do this for you. It all depends how much you want it. Lucky for you, there is an insane assortment of weight loss, and exercise plans at your disposal, and though choice is great how do you chose the right one for you?

When I decided to take the fitness challenge I was in the same place as you, overwhelmed by the insane number of programs to chose from. So, I asked around to see with those who had been successful at getting in shape to see what had worked for them. Venus Factor was the only complete fitness program to come up several times. And, just like that, I suddenly had a goal and an execution plan.

The first two weeks of the 12-week program were hard, but got astonishingly easier. What impacted me the most was the power of the sudden cuts in my sugar/carbohydrate intake. I comprehended sugar is probably one of the hardest addictions to kick. Despite the headaches, the sudden onsets of that fever, and the terrible mood swings things started looking up after that second week. It was then, that I finally began to feel the energy in me start to surge again. Keeping my head up those two weeks set the way for the remaining 10 weeks of the challenge.

Before and After 10 weeks

Since, I had a good 30 lbs to lose when I began this journey, the lbs started to drop quite suddenly after my second week. Following the plan really paid off. Today, I am so happy and relieved I stuck with it, because up to date I have lost 36 lbs. and not only do I feel great; compliments are pouring out every time someone sees me again.

What I loved the most about this product was how easily laid out everything was. No complications, no exaggerations. It is a step by step guide that will have you ranting and raving about its effectiveness. Venus Factor was innovative in using a technique that proves to be very effective when fighting the fat monster, but is rarely mentioned. It involves Leptin. What’s more, unlike most programs this one combined diet and exercise. Venus Factor also offers you a virtual nutritionist who will calculate your energy intake, as well as the amount of energy you need to exert to lose weight. They also include helpful tools like the Venus Index Podcast and the Venus Community to provide you support when you most need it. Plus, you can start as soon as you decide. The diet and exercise videos are available to you through the web, and they are yours to use as soon as you pass your very affordable one-time payment of $47.

So, what are you waiting for?  Buy today and take the 12-week challenge. Three months from now you’ll surely wish you did.

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